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Shaker Style Amish Furniture

What is Shaker Style Furniture?
During the time period of the American Revolutionary War Shaker Style Furniture was born. The style became known when a religious sect of the Quakers, called Shakers, arrived in America. Escaping the religious turmoil of their native England, the Shakers settled in upper New York State and New England. Therefore the Shakers formed closely-knit, self-sufficient communities.

To accommodate their large worship gathers, the Shakers built their won furniture. They often used locally grown woods, such as pine, maple and cherry. There were most known for crafting furniture that reflected their commitment to simplicity and practicality.

Shaker Artisans

Shaker Artisans “Do your work as though you had a thousand years to live and as if you were to die tomorrow.” The Shakers expressed

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Shaker Style Furniture

Shaker Style Wood Furniture If you ask someone of their impressions regarding Amish furniture, chances are they will describe to you Amish craftsmen using hand-tools

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