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Weaver Furniture Sales Presents the Shaker Hill Furniture Collection

Shaker Style Furniture

Shaker Hill Two Door Cabinet

When the Shakers first emigrated from Europe to the United States, no one could have guessed that their most enduring legacy would be their traditionally-crafted furniture. Today, Shaker style furniture has grown to encompass a variety of Shaker styles. Therefore including the Carlisle, Bunker Hill, and Shaker Hill styles.

Above all Weaver Furniture Sales offers a large selection of beautiful Shaker Hill style furniture. Featuring a few distinctive design traits, including thinner flared feet, paneled doors, and inset hardware.  The Shaker Hill design brings a greater level of detail and design to the traditional Shaker style. The Shaker Hill Two Door Cabinet (pictured below) exhibits all of the traits of the Shaker Hill style.  It is even available with a variety of custom options.  Including wood species, stain and paint, hardware and paneling choices.

Shaker Hill Two Door Cabinet with Glass Panels

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