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Weaver Furniture Sales has a wide variety of stains and finishes available for its Amish furniture products.  On this page you will find our wood stain color chart of some of the most popular stains for most of our oak, cherry, hickory, quartersawn white oak, walnut and maple handcrafted Amish furniture.  Additional stain and paint samples are available in our Shipshewana Indiana Amish Furniture store.  Please note that due to several factors beyond our control, the stain samples as you see them may be different than the actual finished furniture product.  Factors such as the wood grain and computer settings may significantly impact the color of the stain sample.

Should you require an actual wood stain sample we would be happy to mail you up to three different real wood samples.  A minimum, non-refundable $25 deposit is required with each stain sample (higher fees may apply for certain samples).  If you place an order and return the sample(s) to us in good condition within 20 days the fees will be credited toward your order balance.  Additional wood stain and finish samples may be purchased.  The price may range from $15 to $75 per sample.  Please Contact us if you would like to have an actual stain sample mailed to your home.  If none of the stain colors meet your requirements send us a sample and we will match your stain color.  A $375 stain match fee will apply.



Quarter Sawn Oak

Brown Maple


Hickory & Rustic Hickory

Rustic Cherry


Gray Elm

 Click on images to see larger sample


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1A Oak

8 Oak

15 Oak

22 Oak

29 Oak

205 Oak

43A Oak

57A Oak

64A Oak

90B Oak

90B Oak


95A Oak


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2A Cherry

9 Cherry

16 Cherry

23 Cherry

30A Cherry

37A Cherry

44A Cherry

58A Cherry

65A Cherry

79A Cherry


86B Cherry

87C Cherry

111A Cherry

113A Cherry

114 Cherry


Quarter Sawn Oak

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4 Quarter Sawn White Oak

11 Quarter Sawn White Oak

18 Quarter Sawn White Oak

206 Quarter Sawn White Oak

32A Quarter Sawn White Oak

39A Quarter Sawn White Oak

46A Quarter Sawn White Oak

60A Quarter Sawn White Oak

67A Quarter Sawn White Oak

77B Quarter Sawn White Oak

139 Quarter Sawn White Oak
Brown Maple

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6D Distressed Brown Maple

13B Brown Maple

20B Brown Maple

27B Brown Maple

34A Brown Maple

48B Brown Maple

55A Brown Maple

62B Brown Maple

69A Brown Maple

71D Brown Maple

72B Brown Maple

73D Distressed Brown Maple

74C Distressed Brown Maple

75C Distressed Brown Maple

76D Distressed Brown Maple

78C Distressed Brown Maple

80C Distressed Brown Maple

81D Brown Maple

82B Brown Maple

83B Brown Maple

84B Brown Maple

85A Brown Maple


88B Brown Maple

89B Brown Maple 142A Brown Maple      


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3A Maple

10 Maple

17B Maple

24 Maple

31B Maple

38B Maple

45B Maple

52B Maple

59B Maple

66A Maple

121A Maple

Hickory & Rustic Hickory

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5 Hickory

12 Hickory

19 Hickory

26 Hickory

33A Hickory


40A Hickory

54 Rustic Hickory

61 Rustic Hickory

68 Rustic Hickory


Rustic Cherry

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35C Rustic Cherry

42 Rustic Cherry

49 Rustic Cherry

56 Rustic Cherry

63A Rustic Cherry


70A Rustic Cherry


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7A Walnut

14 Walnut

21 Walnut

28A Walnut


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179 Gray Elm

174 Gray Elm

177 Gray Elm

176 Gray Elm

172 Gray Elm


180A Gray Elm

175A Gray Elm

173A Gray Elm

178A Gray Elm


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