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Furniture FAQs

Weaver Furniture Sales is located in ONE physical location:

7870 W 075 N
Shipshewana, IN 46565

Yes.  Most of the furniture items on our website are custom made furniture for our customers.  Visit our Shipshewana furniture store in Shipshewana, IN to see the quality and beauty in the furniture pieces that we currently stock.

Our website gives our customers the opportunity to purchase furniture with the options and features they desire and need.  The Weaver Furniture Sales staff will work with the appropriate craftsmen to make our customers’ furniture after the customer has picked just the right furniture piece(s) with the options and features desired.  Much of the furniture that we offer is built in small Amish shops with less than 5 craftsmen and not on an assembly line overseas.  The furniture will be custom made for the customer that ordered the furniture.

Additionally, a lot of our customers seek a true custom piece of furniture that is not offered on our website or in our store.  Whether it’s just an idea in their head or they have a print for a specific piece, our staff will work with our customers to determine their furniture goals and desires and then work directly with one of our select builders to craft the specific piece for our customers’ home or office.  Many of our customers take advantage of this flexibility to build the furniture piece or pieces that they have dreamed about for a long time.

Yes, we have additional finishing, staining and painting options available for our customers.  Please call or email us for additional information.  Additional charges apply in cases where a non-standard finish is used.

The majority of our furniture is made in small shops in Northern Indiana and Ohio operated by Amish craftsmen.  Some of our furniture is made by larger US furniture manufacturers such as Flexsteel, Best Home Furnishings and Marshfield.  We strive to offer a full line of quality furniture and the vast majority of it is built in Indiana and Ohio right here in the heart of Amish Furniture Country. If you have any questions about where a certain furniture item is made we strongly encourage you to ask our staff.

No. The pieces we show represent a much larger selection. We also strongly encourage customers to create custom furniture which can be designed and built to your specifications.

We take pride in creating custom furniture for our clients. Simply contact one of our associates and we will happily assist you in creating a truly original piece for your home or office.

A few rules apply to the care of your harwood furniture.  Dust often following the grain in the wood.  Maintain humidity levels at 35 – 45% as hardwoods expand and contract with changes in the humidity levels.  The expansion and contraction will cause cracks and or splitting.  Keep the temperature in the 65 to 75 degree range.  Avoid exposure to water, direct sunlight and chemical exposure to your hardwood furniture.  Keep your furniture out of direct contact with hot or cold air from your vents.  Do not place plastic toys or objects on your furniture as the color from the plastic object may transfer to the wood or finish over time.  Be very careful when moving furniture as certain areas may not be able to handle as much pressure (i.e. the legs of a table may not be able to handle much sideway pressure) and guard against scratches that can damage the finish or wood.

Placing an order is easier than ever! You can call us or you can order through our website by briefly completely filling out the contact us form. We will call you back to confirm the order details and then start the building process. Or visit us in our store to speak with one of our associates.

We accept cash, check, credit card or third-party financing through Synchrony Financial (with bank approval).

It depends.  If the furniture product that you order is in our inventory it will be shipped in 5-10 business days and delivered within 2-3 weeks after the date of shipment.  If the furniture is custom built then the ship date is typically ten to thirteen weeks from the furniture order date. Occasionally, some of the furniture takes as long as fifteen weeks or as little as four weeks to be built and finished. Remember most of our furniture products will be handcrafted in small shops and so many factors are at play in determining the specific furniture lead time.  The majority of our furniture is ready to ship out or ready to be picked up in twelve weeks from the furniture order date.

Our solid wood furniture is designed and built to last for generations. Our furniture customers do a great job of “showcasing” the furniture in their homes and we understand that the craftsmanship and quality of these furniture pieces on display in their homes are of a higher importance than “rushing an order through”. We (and our customers) place a high value on this quality and less value on a speedy delivery. We do understand that timely furniture deliveries are very important to our customers and we are constantly working toward reducing the lead times on our furniture orders.  When you place an order and you have any questions regarding the date of delivery for your furniture please do not hesitate to call us.  

Open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm. Closed Sundays.

Yes.  We deliver our customers’ furniture using our company trucks or third party shipping companies.  See our Shipping Information page for more information.

It depends.  Factors that determine the total shipping cost include the size of your furniture order, the number of miles that driven to deliver your furniture and the type of delivery (curbside or white glove in home setup).  See our Shipping Information page for more information.  We also encourage our customers to come visit us in Shipshewana, IN to pickup their furniture (map).  When you are ready to place an order please call us at 1.877.357.2106 to obtain a shipping quote over the telephone.

Yes, the furniture is fully insured during shipping.  Be sure to inspect each piece when it is delivered.  If you see any damage be sure to call us so that we can arrange a plan to completely fix the damage or replace the item.

Yes, we offer furniture financing through a third party.  See our Financing Information page for more details.

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