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The Indiana Amish in Shipshewana

The History of the Amish in America

The history of the Amish in America is a rich and detailed story.  One full of perseverance through trials and external pressures. Therefore having continued hope for a simple, faithful community in an ever-changing modern world.

Above all the Indiana Amish settled primarily in Northern Indiana in Elkhart country in the mid-19th century. Although two war drafts, mandatory schooling legislation, and troubled economies have affected the “simple folk”.   The Amish have persevered and become a solid community built on their traditional ideals.

The glue of the Amish society is the Ordnung. The Ordnung is a set of rules which govern community life among the Amish. Therefore the code protects the public, private and sacred life of the Amish. Above all, each church assembly is free to interpret and administer the Ordnung as it sees fit.

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Amish in America
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Amish in America
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