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Shipshewana Amish Furniture: an Overview

Shipshewana Amish Furniture: Fine Craftsmen & Furniture Retailers

The small town of Shipshewana, located in Northern Indiana, is as rich in history as it is rich in expert wood craftsmen. But why are there so many Fine Craftsmen & Furniture Retailers in Shipshewana?

A quick history lesson reveals that a small Amish community has existed in Northern Indiana since the mid-19th century. Many families maintained small to large farms as a means of sustaining their way of life.  But it was a few intrepid men who, in the 20th century, began crafting solid wood furniture. Soon visitors were drawn to Shipshewana to experience the sights, sounds, flavors and hand-crafted goods of the “simple folk”.

Today, Amish furniture is a thriving market in Shipshewana.  Drawing visitors each year who desire the strength, beauty, and style that Amish crafted furniture possesses. To learn more about Shipshewana Amish furniture, visit our Shipshewana furniture store and see first-hand what makes natural wood furniture so unique.

Fine Craftsmen & Furniture Retailers
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