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Lincoln Hutch Ready for Pick Up

With its stunning visual appeal, copious shelf space, plus drawer and cabinet storage, the Lincoln Hutch Ready for Pick Up makes a great piece for your home office, dining room, or living room. Indeed, the ornate crown molding, fluted columns, and raised panel doors catch the eye. Imagine office supplies, dishware, figurines, glassware, or books

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Reno Buffet

With its turned corner posts, arch motifs plus flush doors and drawers, the Reno Buffet stands apart for its sophisticated, exquisite look. Other features enhancing its appeal include the beautiful waterfall edge top. Raised panel doors. Also the absence of visible hinges. (We use hidden European hinges.) The drawers open full-extension for easy access. Also,

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Regent Buffet

Classic Mission design, including Mission-style hardware, highlights the Regent Buffet. Notice its hefty persona, clean lines and Almond Stain with Black Tincture effect. Behind the three flush doors, we place a full-length adjustable shelf. So you can maximize the storage space. Also, the drawers close with a gentle push. Amish cabinetmakers –- the best in

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Mid-Century Buffet

The Mid-Century Buffet reflects the clean lines, modular look and tapered, slanted feet of mid-20th century furniture design. So notice the frame. It’s built from 1-inch-thick solid hardwood with mitre-lock joints. And enhancing the mid-century look are sliding wood doors. Beveled glass doors are optional. An adjustable shelf is behind the doors. Also check out

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Marriot Buffet

The Marriot Buffet combines a host of classic features plus Amish solid hardwood custom construction. The result? An incredibly attractive piece for your grand dining room. We hone the countertop from solid hardwood. Also, we give it attractive breadboard ends. And the plate rack in the backslash adds a practical –- and attractive –- touch.

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Cambria Open Buffet

The Cambria Open Buffet gives you the sophisticated look of the Cambria line with an open, casual feel. Notice the arch design of the flush doors and top drawer. Also the raised panel doors and side. Along with black pull hardware. What’s more, hidden European hinges enhance the upscale touch. The full-extension drawers give you

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Cambria 3-Door Sideboard

With its spectacular design and superb cabinetmaking, the Cambria 3-Door Sideboard will enhance the upscale appeal of your dining room. The arch design catches the eye. So do the black pull hardware. Also the flush, beveled glass door. Or, you can choose a wine rack behind the center door. In addition, the drawer opens full

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Cambria Mission Hutch

Stunning. Spectacular. Striking. Such is the Cambria Mission Hutch. Its arched, beveled glass doors and glass sides create the perfect setting to display your fine china, glassware and figurines. Also, we include LED lights. An adjustable glass shelf with plate groove. Also light guard to prevent light from seeping around the doors. In addition, black

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Bostonian Wine Sideboard

Like a wine cabinet and buffet rolled into one, the Bostonian Wine Sideboard enhances the fun, food, elegance and spirits in your dining room. Check out the wine rack and glass holders. Also, the drawers open full-extension. So you’ll enjoy easy access to everything inside. Plus, we include an adjustable shelf behind each door. Amish

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Tribecca 3-Door Hutch

A classic Mission style, flush doors with mullions and solid hardwood with a rich finish make the Tribecca 3-Door Hutch eligible of closer scrutiny. You’ll be proud to display your dinnerware, glassware and figurines on the glass shelf with plate groove. Especially since we place LED lights up above. And a light guard that prevents

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Perlon Amish Buffet

From the arched backsplash up above to the wood slats down below, the Perlon Amish Buffet showcases great cabinetwork. Dovetail joints in the drawers enhance strength. While the drawers open full extension. So you’ll enjoy easy access. Plus lots of storage space. Also, the sturdy wood shelf comes in handy for extra storage. In addition,

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Midway Mission China Hutch

The Midway Mission China Hutch showcases the simple elegance of the classic Mission style. You’ll be proud to display your dishware, glassware and figurines behind the mullion glass doors. Also, the cabinet is complete with two adjustable glass shelves with plate groove. LED lighting. Along with light guard that prevents unwanted light from seeping around

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West Lake Wood Hutch

Large, grand and impeccably built, the West Lake Wood Hutch is the perfect choice for furniture lovers who love to live large. Indeed, the rope trim detail and mitered doors and drawers catch the eye. Equally impressive are the three glass shelves and touch lights up above. Ensuring your dishware, glassware and figurines are beautifully

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Modesto 48-Inch Hutch

From the ornate crown molding to the arch base, the Modesto 48-Inch Hutch reflects the beauty of fine Amish cabinetmaking. What a lovely piece for your dining room! We place two glass shelves and touch lights behind the antique glass doors. So, your dinnerware, glassware and figurines will be on full display — and illuminated!

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62-Inch Modesto Hutch

The 62-Inch Modesto Hutch pushes the envelope in design, features and Amish solid wood cabinetmaking. What a spectacular piece for your upscale dining room! Behind the antique glass, we place two glass shelves and touch lights. So, your dinnerware, glassware and figurines will be beautifully displayed — and nicely lit! The drawers open the whole

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54 Inch Mission Hutch

When it comes to stately, great-looking hutches, the 54-Inch Mission Hutch tops the list. Notice the flush doors and drawers. Plus the doors with wood mullions. And the black Mission hardware. We place adjustable wood shelves behind the doors. This means your dishware, glassware and figurines are visible behind the mullion doors in the upper

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Fayette Buffet

A simple design and rich, Onyx-stained brown maple give the Fayette Buffet its initial appeal. Then you look further. And see its other great features. Like the mitered corners on the flush doors. Also the recessed hardware. Plus hidden European hinges which enhance its appeal. The drawers open full-extension. So you’ll enjoy easy access. And

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Cascade Hardwood Hutch

Beautiful glass doors with mullions, ornate crown molding and eye-catching burnt stain make the Cascade Hardwood Hutch a top prospect for your trendy dining room. Then, there’s the adjustable glass shelf with plate groove. Plus LED lights. Together, they ensure you get the perfect setting for displaying your fine dishware, glassware and figurines. What’s more,

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Cameron Hardwood Buffet

With its clean lines, tapered profile and flush drawers and doors, the Cameron Hardwood Buffet represents the essence of elegance. Also, check out the reverse panel, flush doors. Plus the clean effect of hidden European hinges. This exquisite design is no accident. Because Amish cabinetmakers handcraft each buffet from solid hardwood. No wonder the Cameron

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Brookline Hardwood Hutch

The Brookline Hardwood Hutch stands out from the crowd. Take its contrasting top and countertop. Because both are hard maple with a natural stain. And they contrast with the rest of the hutch, hewn from cherry wood with Washington Cherry stain. Also, your pantry items are royally displayed in the top cabinet space. With an

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54-Inch Douglas Sideboard

An attractive, yet practical, design makes the 54-Inch Douglas Sideboard a superb companion piece to your dining room set. Indeed, the full-inset doors and drawers along with the slat door design give the piece its upscale look. The pullout serving tray greatly expands your serving countertop area provided by the 1-inch solid wood top. What’s

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Chancellor Wood Hutch

With a lower profile for a traditional hutch and a higher stance for a ‘regular’ buffet, the Chancellor Wood Hutch finds a way to display your dishware, glassware and figurines. In fact, we put an adjustable glass shelf behind the three glass doors. Plus LED lighting to keep your items nicely lit. You’ll also find

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72-Inch Carson Buffet

If you’re looking for a modern buffet for your trendy home, you need to take a close look at the 72-Inch Carson Buffet. Check out its sleek lines and nickel hardware – which complements the buffet’s dark finish. Behind the frosted glass doors, we place adjustable glass shelves – and touch lights. Imagine the dramatic

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Carolina Wood Sideboard

With its curved legs, full inset drawers and doors plus rich finish, the Carolina Wood Sideboard will add a look of distinction to your dining room. We place an adjustable shelf behind each door to maximize the storage space. And the doors close with a gentle push. Amish cabinetmakers – the best in the Midwest

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Regal Hardwood Sideboard

Thanks to its Mission style and great design, the Regal Hardwood Sideboard will make an elegant and practical addition to your dining room. The open shelf is ideal for stowing and displaying your nice dishware. Right below the gracious arch. Indeed, the flush doors and drawer fronts enhance the attraction of the sideboard. As does

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Berkely Buffet

The Berkely Buffet features a traditional design and is the perfect fit for your home. The traditional lines of the hardwood buffet offer a simple style to this piece. The Berkely Buffet features three dovetailed drawers with soft-close slides.  It also boasts two doors that reveal the perfect space to fit all of your collectibles. So,

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Amish Boulder Creek Buffet

With its beveled mirror backsplash, 1-inch-thick solid hardwood top, ebony inlay and Amish construction, the Amish Boulder Creek Buffet stands out from the pack. What an elegant piece to accompany your dining table set! Its drawers open full extension. So you’ll enjoy easy access. Also, dovetail joints enhance strength. While the drawers close with a

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Aspen Sideboard

Enhance the elegance and practicality of your dining room with the Aspen Sideboard. Check out its reverse panel doors and side. Hidden European hinges. Also the flared legs and exposed tenons. All so eye-catching! A pullout slide above each top drawer enlarges the serving space. While dovetail drawer joints enhance strength. Also, the drawers open

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Artesa Hardwood Hutch

The decorative woodwork in the sides and center says this hutch is Artesa. While the superb craftsmanship and solid hardwood cabinetry say this is the Amish-built Artesa Hardwood Hutch from Weaver. Its beveled glass sides and doors encase the cabinet. This makes it ideal for your showing off your glassware, dishware and figurines. Also, the

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Modesto Three Door Buffet

Create the look you like best in your dining room – rustic, country, traditional or modern – with the Modesto Three Door Buffet. With its timeless design and solid hardwood Amish construction, this buffet is sure to gain admiring glances. You’ll notice that glass panels enclose the buffet on the front and sides. Also, we

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McCoy Three Door Buffet

Presenting the ideal buffet to display your lovely dishware, glassware and figurines. The McCoy Three Door Buffet, with its large glass panels in the front and sides. Stained glass is optional. We included glass shelving and LED lighting to illuminate your treasures. Also, light-blocking trim prevents light from showing around the perimeter of the doors.

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Hudson Hutch

If you’re looking for a hutch that exemplifies understated elegance matched with simplicity, sturdiness and great looks, you’ll find it in the Hudson Hutch. And as such, it will add an aura of sophistication to your dining room. Our builders installed glass shelving and LED or can lights inside the hutch. And they create a

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Cambridge Hutch

Modern and traditional designs come together exquisitely in the Cambridge Hutch from Weaver Furniture Sales. From the beautiful molding up above to the curved legs down below. Plus numerous points in between. Notice the glass in the front and sides of the cabinet. Plus glass shelves in the middle. Because they create the ideal setting

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Mesa Two Door Sideboard

The Mesa Two Door Sideboard features clean lines and modern design. The yellow ginkgo leaf and arrow inlays set this sideboard apart from its peers. Wide wood slats in the base and exposed tenons also add to the sideboard’s unique look. Not only is the sideboard beautiful, it is also practical. Two doors reveal adjustable

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Landmark Sideboards

The Landmark Sideboards are where strength and traditional styles meet. With two sizes and configurations, you can select the sideboard that meets your requirements. So, your space and style preferences can be easily accommodated. The doors and drawers reveal ample storage space for collectibles, table linens, serving platters and utensils. Wood slat sides and corbels

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