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The Simple Folk: A Brief History of the Amish in Shipshewana, Indiana


Shipshewana is not just a Northern Indiana city with a strange-sounding name. Above all the locals call it “Shipshe”.  It’s home to the “plain people”, the Amish and Mennonites.  Who, for generations have maintained their traditional way of life amidst their ever-changing surroundings.

Furthermore, the Amish legacy of expert woodworking, which attracts visitors and furniture-enthusiasts to Shipshe, arose by necessity. Since 1841, the Shipshewana Amish have built their own homes, furniture, gathering spaces and barns. Their no-frills, sturdy, simple approach to the woodcraft soon won respect from locals.

In addition to woodworking, the simple folk has held family farms for generations. As a result, crop fields, fruit and vegetable gardens, and animal pens provide a source of food and income for Amish families.

This simple way of life for the Amish is noted in the Ordnung. A set of guidelines by which the community lives and works. Rooted in the Christian scriptures and the rich tradition of the Anabaptist movement (from which the Amish spring).  The “Ordnung” charts a forward that embraces tradition in a modern, secular world.

Today, this Northern Indiana community of the simple folk holds onto an older way of life.  Most noteworthy Shipshewana Amish Furniture has made a name regionally and even nation-wide for its quality and beauty. Come check out our Shipshewana Amish furniture store and view our large selection of Amish-crafted furniture.

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