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Amish Shadow Quilt Garden 2011

In 2011 Weaver Furniture Sales joined The Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail in Northern Indiana’s Amish Country.  Our very own exclusive Amish Shadow Quilt Garden 2011 was designed, planted and managed by Carolyn and Christy Miller.  The Amish Shadow design was created in part with Citrus Wave Petunias, Royal Velvet Petunias and Janie Yellow Marigolds.

Check out our Videos Weaver Furniture Sales and the Quilt Garden Tour & The Making of a Quilt Garden on YouTube.


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Why We Joined The Quilt Gardens

Weaver Furniture Sales is located on the farmstead of LeRoy and Ida Weaver just a few miles south of Shipshewana in the countryside along the Heritage Trail. For more than 20 years, LeRoy and Ida have welcomed visitors from all over the United States to their large furniture showroom (a converted dairy barn). LeRoy and Ida thoroughly enjoy meeting people and learning about them. Adding a quilt garden allowed them to enhance the “Welcome to our homestead” message to their regular clients and get to know more people with an interest in gardening and quilts. The quilt garden created and maintained by a local gardener, expanded their display of local art and enhanced the experience of the visitors of Weaver Furniture Sales.

Finding Our Inspiration

The Gardener selected this quilt pattern because of its simplicity and adaptability to a flower garden. Amish Shadow, as the pattern is known in Amish quilting circles, allows for a range of bright colors. The gardener had been an avid quilter for more than 30 years.  The gardener saw the pattern first at a quilt show and was reminded of its simple beauty. At that moment she decided the Amish Shadow pattern should be used for the Weaver Furniture Sales quilt garden. The Amish Shadow design on display as a quilt garden in the Heart of Amish Country seemed like a perfect fit.

History Of The Amish Shadow

Much of the history of the Amish Shadow is unknown.  According to the Nebraska State Historical Society’s Quilts A to Z page an Amish Shadow Quilt was donated to the Nebraska State Historical Society from an individual who was born in 1876 and had received the quilt from her mother. The Amish Shadow design, also known as the Shadows, is popular in many Amish quilting circles because the pattern lends itself to solid colors and geometric designs.

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