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Weaver Fever Quilt Garden 2013

Weaver Furniture Sales started participating in The Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail in Northern Indiana’s Amish Country in 2011. Therefore the third year we created our very own Weaver Fever Quilt Garden.  The Weaver Fever Quilt Garden 2013 was designed, planted and managed by Carolyn and Christy Miller and Ida Weaver, an owner of Weaver Furniture Sales.  The garden contained subtle blends of pink and blue blooms arrayed in an eye-catching pattern.  Some of the flowers that visitors saw included Light Blue Ageratum, Tequila Deep Rose Begonias and Blackberry Vinca flowers.

Check out our videos Weaver Furniture Sales Presents the 2013 “Weaver Fever” Quilt Garden &  The Creation of the “Weaver Fever” Quilt Garden at Weaver Furniture Sales on YouTube.

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Why We Joined The Quilt Gardens

Participating and being part of a project that beautifies our community is worth all the time and labor involved. It is fun doing something that so many people can enjoy.

Weaver Furniture Sales is located on the farmstead of LeRoy and Ida Weaver just a few miles south of Shipshewana in the countryside along the Heritage Trail. For more than 20 years, LeRoy and Ida have welcomed visitors from all over the United States to their large furniture showroom (a converted dairy barn). LeRoy and Ida thoroughly enjoy meeting people and learning about them. The quilt gardens in the past provided additional opportunities to meet people from a many areas of the United States and to enhance the “Welcome to our homestead” message to their regular clients.  The quilt garden created and maintained by Carolyn Miller, a local gardener, will expand their display of local art and enhances the experience of the visitors of Weaver Furniture Sales.

Finding Our Inspiration

The Weaver Fever is a popular design here in this community and has been around for a while already. It is a favorite among the Amish and the gardener had quilted one for a benefit auction a few years ago and sold quite well.

Weaver Furniture Sales History

Weaver Furniture Sales was established in 1989 in Shipshewana, Indiana, and is an Amish, family-owned furniture business that offers a full line of solid wood, handcrafted furniture at affordable prices. As part of their client services, Weaver Furniture Sales provides furniture design consultation services, custom furniture options, furniture quotes, layaway options and various delivery alternatives for residences in the United States from their quiet country showroom in Shipshewana, Indiana.

LeRoy and Ida Weaver have owned and operated Weaver Furniture Sales for over twenty-one years, beginning with a 1,500 square foot showroom and expanding to over 15,000 square feet today. Previously, they owned and managed LeWana Dairy Farm where they milked cows and raised corn and hay.

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