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Log Cabin Quilt Garden 2015

Log Cabin Quilt Garden 2015
The 2015 Log Cabin Quilt Garden was one of the most popular quilt patterns around for a long time.  The Log Cabin Quilt Garden 2015 was a “country looking” quilt featuring Rays Black Petunias, Sun and Shade Dark Salmon Inpatients and Dreams Sky Blue Petunias.  The Quilt garden was planted and managed by Carolyn Miller, Christy Miller and Ida Weaver, an owner of Weaver Furniture Sales.

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Why We Chose The Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

The Log Cabin quilt pattern is one of the most popular quilt patterns used today and has been around for a long time. It is very well liked among the Amish community and is a “country looking” quilt. We are hoping the popularity of the Log Cabin quilt design help make viewing it a very enjoyable Quilt Garden Tour location.

The Log Cabin Quilt History

The Log Cabin quilt design is a popular design and easily recognized by many. It appears the design may have been invented in the United States about the time of the Civil War and gained popularity in the late 1800’s. Other similar quilt designs have been seen in an English quilt created prior to 1830. In addition, other designs that are the same or very similar to the Log Cabin quilt design have been found on ancient Egyptian mummies. At the time the quilt became popular in the United States pieces were tied together instead of stitched or sewn.  Check out the following articles for more information on Log Cabin quilt designs.

Quilt Patterns Through Time

Log Cabin Quilts – A Short History

Weaver Furniture Sales History

Weaver Furniture Sales is located on the farmstead of LeRoy and Ida Weaver just a few miles south of Shipshewana in the countryside along the Heritage Trail. For more than 25 years, LeRoy and Ida have welcomed visitors from all over the United States to their large furniture showroom (a converted dairy barn). LeRoy and Ida thoroughly enjoy meeting people and learning about them. The quilt gardens in the past provided additional opportunities to meet people from a many areas of the United States and to enhance the “Welcome to our homestead” message to their regular clients. The quilt garden created and maintained by Carolyn Miller, a local gardener, expands their display of local art and enhances the experience of the visitors of Weaver Furniture Sales.


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