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Bed Step Stools: Handy Helpers

Navigating the leap to your high bed or assisting your little one to reach the sink can be a real challenge. Luckily, bed step stools are here to make life easier! These handy helpers can turn these struggles into simple, safe steps. Let’s delve into bed step stools, exploring their types, what to look for when buying one, and how they can be convenient in your home. 

What is a bed step stool?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get into a high bed? Or you’ve noticed that your little one needs a boost to reach the bathroom sink. Well, a bed step stool could be just the thing you need! It’s a handy tool that helps you climb onto higher surfaces like beds or cabinets. Plus, it’s perfect for reducing the risk of falling, especially for kids and older adults.

The Many Types of Bed Step Stools

Bed step stools come in different shapes and materials. Wooden stools are famous for their traditional look and solid build. They can be made from sturdy hardwoods like oak, cherry, or maple. On the other hand, metal step stools, often made of stainless steel, are strong and durable. Plastic stools are lightweight and easy to move around, making them great for kids.

What to Look for in a Bed Step Stool

When buying a step stool, thinking about stability is essential. You want a stool that won’t wobble or tip over when you step on it. The stool should also be able to hold your weight comfortably. Size matters too. You may prefer a small stool that you can easily tuck away or a bigger one that provides a broader stepping area. Design is also a key aspect – you’ll want a step stool that looks good in your room!

How a Bed Step Stool Can Help You

Bed step stools are super handy. They make climbing into a high bed much more accessible, which is excellent for those with tall bed frames. They also help older people or anyone with mobility issues, making beds and other high-up places more accessible. Kids can use them to reach the bathroom sink, kitchen counter, and more! Some stools even offer extra storage space under the step – how cool is that?

A Look at the Weaver Furniture Step Stool-Ladder

One of our favorite brands for bed step stools is Weaver Furniture, and their Step Stool-Ladder is a standout. This piece of furniture isn’t your ordinary bed step stool – it’s a stool and a ladder all in one! If you need a seat, the steps can be tucked under. But if you need a ladder, flip the steps down. Talk about versatility!

Crafted by skilled Amish artisans, the Step Stool-Ladder features solid hardwood for extra durability. It comes in various finishes, like a medium walnut stain on oak wood, but you can also customize it to match your style. Plus, the wide step stool design makes it even safer to use.

Using Your Bed Step Stool Safely

While step stools are helpful, using them safely is crucial. Ensure you’re using the stool on a flat surface, and never try to climb it if it’s wobbling. Also, it’s a good idea to hold onto something stable like bed rails when stepping onto the stool. Regular cleaning and maintenance are critical, too, especially for wooden or stainless steel stools.

Whether you’re trying to get into a high bed or need a boost to reach a high shelf, a step stool is the perfect helper. And with a versatile option like the Weaver Furniture Step Stool-Ladder, you get both a stool and a ladder. You’ll enjoy a safer and more convenient way to reach high places, reducing the risk of accidents. So consider adding a step stool to your home – it’s a simple tool, but the benefits are enormous!

Looking for Quality, Handmade Furniture?

Weaver has furniture for every room in your home, and you can explore the incredible collections by visiting Weaver Furniture Sales’ online store. Or, check out Weaver Furniture in person by visiting their ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. Here you can see their lineup of solid hardwood furniture for yourself.

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