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Glider Rockers and Why They Rock

Today we will look at glider chairs, those rocking pieces of magic that have rocked our world, quite literally! You may know them as the upgraded cousin of the rocking chair. And trust me, these aren’t your grandma’s rocking chairs – they’ve had quite the glow-up! So, let’s dive into glider rockers and why they rock!

The Rocking Chair’s Evolution

Way back when, we had the classic rocking chair – a staple in every home, right? But have you ever wondered how we went from old-school rocking chairs to super-smooth glider chairs? It’s like going from a flip phone to the latest smartphone!

The rocking chair has existed since the early 18th century. Fast forward a few hundred years, and the glider chair made its grand entrance. What’s the difference, you ask? While the rocking chair moves in an arc, the glider chair moves back and forth on a fixed track – smooth as butter, right? A perfect example is the Barrington Glider with Ottoman from Weaver Furniture. 

The Superpowers of a Glider Chair

You’re probably wondering why glider chairs are such a big deal. Imagine that you’ve had a long day, your feet are sore, and you want to chill out. You plop down on a glider chair, push back gently, and glide into a world of comfort and relaxation. That’s the magic of a glider chair!

There are also a bunch of health benefits. They’re known to relieve stress, aid sleep, and some even say they help with back pain. And for the parents out there, they’re perfect for comforting little ones or nursing newborns. Not to mention, they’re a classy addition to any home decor.

Glider Chairs in Action

Picture this: you’re on your porch, a cool breeze is blowing, and you’re gliding away on your favorite chair, lost in a good book. Bliss, right? That’s the kind of comfort a glider chair can offer at home.

But these chairs aren’t just for homebodies. They’re popping up in public spaces like parks and waiting rooms, making these places more like home. And remember the special uses in nurseries and care homes, where their soothing motion is nothing short of a blessing. A great example of a glider for these rooms is the Corbel Bow Arm Slat Glider which provides comfort and relaxation. 

Choosing the Perfect Glider Chair

Now, you’re probably itching to get a glider chair of your own. But wait, there’s more to consider. Think about what you want in a chair. Is it the design, the material, or the durability? And let’s remember your budget.

Whether window shopping at a brick-and-mortar store or scrolling through online catalogs, take your time and find the one that’s just right for you. Weaver Furniture is a great online store that provides quality, handmade furniture. You are sure to find the perfect glider for your home. 

A Little TLC for Your Glider Chair

Once you have your dream glider chair, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape. Regular dusting and occasional spot cleaning can go a long way. And remember, if your chair starts squeaking or the movement isn’t as smooth, it may be time for some maintenance. With a bit of love and care, your glider chair will rock your world for years to come.

Rock On with Your Glider Chair!

So there you have it, folks! Glider chairs have come a long way from the humble rocking chair, bringing comfort, relaxation, and a touch of style. So, why not give it a shot? Pick your perfect glider chair and let the good times roll (or rock).

Remember, life’s a ride, so you might as well glide through it comfortably with your glider chair!

Looking for Quality, Handmade Furniture?

Weaver has furniture for every room in your home, and you can explore the incredible collections by visiting Weaver Furniture Sales’ online store. Or, check out Weaver Furniture in person by visiting their ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. Here you can see their lineup of solid hardwood furniture for yourself. 

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