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The Benefits of Amish Furniture: Quality, Durability, Sustainability

Buying new furniture is a huge commitment. If you are lucky, you will have this furniture for years. Amish furniture is a popular type of furniture amongst Americans. This type of furniture is made by hand and boasts a number of purported benefits. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of Amish furniture, such as quality, durability, and sustainability.

What are the benefits of buying Amish furniture?

Amish furniture first came onto the furniture market in the early 1900s. It took America by storm due to its simple lines and solid construction. This style sharply contrasted with the elaborate style of the late 1800s Victorian era. The Amish began making furniture as a necessity. With very little contact with the outside world, they needed to be able to furnish their homes. Amish furniture reflects the Amish ideals of simplicity. Amish furniture is incredibly special and holds many benefits.

1. Quality

The quality of Amish furniture is unmatched in modern furniture stores. This furniture is handmade from solid wood, like this Pedestal Dining Room Table. The Amish use hardwoods like oak, mahogany, and maple in their furniture creation. This solid wood gives the furniture a heavy appearance and feeling, contributing to its high quality.

Additionally, the Amish use unique joinery techniques to eliminate the need for nails, screws, and staples. One technique that is commonly used for drawers and cabinets is called “dovetail joints.” This is when two pieces of wood interlock together without using any glue. Dovetail joints are a marker of high-quality heirloom furniture. Mortise and tenon joints are used when two pieces of wood are connected at a 90-degree angle. This is typically used in chair legs and arms. Additionally, the Amish are known for using glue as an alternative to these wood joinery techniques.

2. Durability

With its solid wood construction, Amish furniture is built to last multiple generations. In addition to the solid wood construction, the unique joinery techniques contribute to the long-lasting nature of Amish furniture. Not only is Amish furniture durable in a physical sense, but it is also durable in a stylistic sense. With its simplicity and straight lines, this furniture can blend into many decor and home styles. Since the early 1900s, Amish furniture has been a staple in many American homes.

3. Sustainability

Amish furniture is made without the use of toxic chemicals or materials. Most modern “wood” furniture is made of particle board. This material is very weak and can easily break down over time. This breakdown process can leak toxic chemicals into your environment. Additionally, furniture built out of particle board can suddenly break, thus becoming dangerous to users. Alternatively, Amish furniture is made using solid wood that does not emit dangerous chemicals.

The Amish also do not use electricity to build their furniture. Though most of the work is made using hand tools, they may use water or air-powered tools to speed up some processes. These forms of energy are far more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Weaver Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture is the best choice for your home. This furniture is high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. On top of this, it is stylish and can fit into various decor styles. No matter what room of your house you are shopping for, Amish furniture is the way to go.

Weaver Furniture Sales has a wide selection of Amish furniture at its brick-and-mortar location in Shipshewana, IN. We work with local Amish woodworkers to sell their beautiful furniture to the general public. Visit us today to view our solid wood dining sets, bedroom sets, and more!

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