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Weavers Outdoor Furniture: Best Craftsmen, Top Materials

Nothing compares to enjoying solitude – or the company of family and friends – in your backyard while the air is warm. And for you, outdoor fun might be relaxing on a lounge chair by the poolside. Enjoying a meal around a patio table. Or you might prefer gently rocking in a swing set in the garden. But no matter the furniture you choose, you owe it to yourself to invest in outdoor furniture that will last. Furniture like Weavers Outdoor Furniture: Best Craftsmen, Top Materials.

Weaver Outdoor Furniture: Best Craftsmen, Top Materials includes cedar (top), poly lumber (2nd from top), treated pine (3rd from top) and cypress (bottom)

Full range of outdoor furniture

Weaver Furniture Sales offers a complete range of outdoor furniture and accessories. The lineup includes seating products. Such as patio, lounge and Adirondack chairs, along with rockers and gliders. You can also get picnic table sets and swings. What’s more, Weaver offers umbrellas, arbors, outdoor corner kitchens, firepits – and more. So you’re sure to find the pieces that are perfect for your backyard, poolside or garden.

Weavers Outdoor Furniture: Best Craftsmen, Top Materials

Amish craftsmen build each item of outdoor furniture available at Weavers. In fact, the craftsmen are the best in the Midwest. And they use top building materials. Also, the four main building materials are cedar, treated pine, cypress and poly lumber. But the choice of these materials is no accident. Because these elements are renown for strength and durability. So outdoor furniture from Weavers should last for decades to come.

Cedar’s properties make it ideal for outdoor furniture

Many features of cedar wood make it ideal for outdoor furniture. Cedar is about 80 percent as sturdy as oak. So it’s a strong wood. Also, cedar resists water damage and decay. This means you can count on cedar to last for decades to come. In addition, cedar has a unique smell. We humans love it. But the odor repels bugs!

Also, tiny air pockets inside cedar’s woodgrain help moderate the wood’s temperature. So during the summer, you’ll be much more comfortable sitting on a cedar chair or bench than on a seat made of metal, plastic or composites. What’s more, cedar is affordable, low maintenance and ages gracefully.

Poly lumber is maintenance-free and affordable

Poly lumber is a synthetic material made from recycled milk, water and juice containers. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at the furniture. Each piece has the appearance of wood. Also, craftsmen reinforce the furniture with sturdy aluminum angle braces. What’s more, poly furniture is pest and termite-resistant. Plus, it’s UV stabilized. So it won’t promote mildew.

Pine and cypress are pressure-treated for long life

The pine and cypress used in Weaver’s outdoor furniture are pressure-treated. This means craftsmen place the wood in a depressurized holding tank that removes the air. Then they replace the air with preservatives. And the preservatives protect the wood from rot and insects.

Visit Online or in Person

You can explore Weaver’s sizable collection of outdoor furniture – including cedar, treated pine, cypress and poly lumber — by visiting Weaver’s online store. Or, check out the furniture in person by visiting Weaver’s ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. Discover Weavers Outdoor Furniture: Best Craftsmen, Top Materials.

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