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Why Cedar Wood Rocks for Outdoor Furniture

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear the term, “cedar furniture”? Most likely it’s outdoor furniture. But have you ever wondered why cedar is used so much outdoors? Why Cedar Wood Rocks for Outdoor Furniture will give some reasons. You’ll also be able to see some comfortable, affordable and great-looking pieces of Amish cedar furniture from Weaver Furniture Sales in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Why Cedar Wood Rocks for Outdoor Furniture

Why Cedar Wood Rocks for Outdoor Furniture
Cedar Adirondack Swing Arbor

As a type of coniferous tree grown all over the world, cedar has many properties which make it ideal for outdoor furniture. (Plus fence posts, decks, and roofing shingles.) Here are some of the main reasons cedar wood is the first choice for outdoor furniture:


Cedar is sturdy. At about 80 percent as strong as oak, cedar is a strong wood. It’s somewhat heavy, too. So cedar is a natural choice for patio and garden furniture, including chairs, swing sets and picnic tables and chairs. Also, because cedar is somewhat heavy, it will not get blown around by the wind as easily as aluminum or plastic furniture.

Cedar resists water damage, decay, and bugs. Natural oils in cedar wood protect it from water damage as well as bacterial and fungal growth. Also, humans seem to like the pungent smell of cedar. But bugs hate it. So they stay away, making the furniture last longer.

More Reasons Cedar Wood Rocks

Cedar is cool. Tiny air pockets inside the woodgrain help moderate the temperature of cedarwood. This is why cedar porch furniture is cooler to the touch than furniture made of metal, plastic and other materials. So during the summer, you’ll be much more comfortable sitting on a cedar chair or bench than on a seat made of metal or composites.

Cedar is affordable, low maintenance and ages gracefully. Because of its natural characteristics, cedar requires little maintenance to keep it looking good. Whether you stain, paint or leave your cedar furniture natural, you can count on it looking great for years to come. For starters, cedar is not prone to warping. So it will keep its ‘new’ look for a long time. Also, over time, cedar weathers into a lovely silver or gray shade. So when you compare cedar furniture to other alternatives, you’ll find that cedar leads in cost-efficiency.

Amish-Built Cedar Furniture from Weaver

Weaver Furniture Sales offers a broad selection of Amish cedar furniture. Skilled Amish craftsmen build each piece of furniture using tried-and-proven traditional woodworking methods and careful attention to detail. Also, the Amish men apply a special stain. It gives the furniture an added layer of durability to ensure more than a lifetime of practical use.

So whether you’re searching for a loveseat porch swing, rocking chair, picnic table or a beautifully-crafted planter, you can get it at Weaver.

Visit Online or in Person

Explore the sizable collection of Amish cedar furniture by visiting Weaver Furniture Sales’ online store. Or, check out Weaver Furniture in person by visiting their ‘brick and mortar’ store in Shipshewana, Indiana. And find out for yourself why cedar wood rocks for outdoor furniture.

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