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Mission Bookcases

Mission Arched Skirt Bookcase

A traditional bookcase with superior strength and durability. That’s the Mission Arched Skirt Bookcase. The arched skirt and crown enhance the distinguished look. The shelves are adjustable. This makes it easy to arrange your books and figurines by height. Also, we offer the bookcase in several sizes. So, you can order the size that best

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Traditional Two Door Bookcase

With its ornate top, raised panel doors and clean lines throughout, the Traditional Two Door Bookcase reflects the stateliness of the Mission style. What an eye-catching piece for your living room or home office! The shelves are adjustable. So, you’re free to arrange the shelves to match the height of your books and decorative items.

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Manitoba Home Office Collection

This Manitoba Home Office Collection is a beautiful office set that looks great in both a home office or even a living room. It includes the Manitoba writer’s desk, bookcase collection, and an Amish-crafted desk chair. With its stunning corbels and mortise and tenon construction, this home office will have all of your family and

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Larado Bookcase

This Larado Bookcase is one of the most unique bookcases we sell. It takes the traditional shelves and then divides them up for added appeal. Additionally, there are some other very distinguishing features such as a plank-look top, hand-hammered straps and side details. This bookcase would look stunning anywhere you choose to place it in

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Mission Corner Bookcase

The Mission Corner Bookcase adds beauty and function to an underused corner of your dining room, living room or office. Because the bookcase is the ideal spot for showing off items like picture books, photos and figurines. Wish to keep some items more private? Ask for the piece with bottom doors. Amish cabinetmakers — the

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Manitoba Collection Bookcase

The Manitoba Collection Bookcase features mortise-and-tenon details and corbel accents. It is a a very popular mission style that has stood the test of time. Choose the 65-inch tall bookcase or the 40-inch tall bookcase. The taller one is perfect for family rooms, dens, hallway alcoves, etc. while the shorter bookcase could even be used

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Bridgefort 40 Inch Bookcase

Graceful construction blends style and strength in the Bridgefort 40 Inch Bookcase. This bookcase stands alone quite well, but it pairs perfectly with a desk. Contact Weaver Furniture Sales so you can customize this Bridgefort 40 Inch Bookcase. Contact Us about the Bridgefort 40 Inch Bookcase Make your selections from the extensive list of custom

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Boston 48-Inch Cabinet Bookcase

The Boston 48-Inch Cabinet Bookcase is your best choice if you’re looking for a durable bookcase with concealed storage space. As a Mission-style bookcase – with corbel accents – the bookcase should fit with your present furniture. Whether in your living room, library or home office. We offer the piece is five sizes, all 52

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Boston 48-Inch Bookcase

Mission style with corbel accents, the Boston 48-Inch Bookcase fits with just about every type of furniture. Yet, it looks great standing alone – such as in a hallway. We offer the bookcase is a variety of sizes. They are 52 inches wide (48 inches inside bookcase width). And they have two to six shelves

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Boston 37-Inch Cabinet Bookcase

Looking for a durable bookcase with concealed storage space? Look no further than the Boston 37-Inch Cabinet Bookcase. It’s Mission-style with corbel accents. So, the bookcase is stately. And it should fit with your existing furniture — in your living room, library or home office. We offer the bookcase is five sizes, all 41 1/2

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Boston 37-Inch Bookcase

With its stately Mission style, decorative corbels and Amish solid wood cabinetry, the Boston 37-Inch Bookcase is far superior to most bookcases on the market. In looks, features, strength and durability. Our Amish cabinetmakers — the best in the Midwest — build the bookcase from solid hardwoods like cherry, maple and quarter-sawn white oak (shown

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Kincaid Bookcases

The Kincaid Bookcases has elegant spiral spindles and beveled side panels that set the Kincaid apart from the rest. Whether furnishing an executive or home office, the Kincaid is certain to enhance the room’s beauty. This bookcase stands alone quite well, but it pairs perfectly with a desk. Its rich finish and executive design makes it a classic addition to any

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Wright Mills Wood Bookcase

The Wright Mills Wood Bookcase is a perfect complement to the Wright Mills TV Console. Of course, these bookcases are perfect as stand alone units in a living room, den, or home office. Contact Us about the Wright Mills Wood Bookcase! Select your custom options from our extensive list and request your personal quote. Of

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Carriage Mission Bookcase

If you’re looking for a sturdy, great-looking bookcase for your living room, den, hallway, bedroom or home office, the Carriage Mission Bookcase has your name on it. That’s because we’re offering the bookcase with the durability, size, features and options you need and desire. Strength and durability. The Carriage Mission Bookcase is far superior to

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Bridger Collection Bookcase

With its mullion doors, decorative corbels, wood hardware and availability in several sizes, the Bridger Collection Bookcase will make a distinguished addition to your home. We offer the bookcase in five heights. They are 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 inches high, with two, three, four, five and six shelves respectively. So you can choose

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Belmont Hardwood Bookcase

The Blemont Hardwood Bookcase is an elegant piece. The details speak for themselves and the office designed around Belmont furniture speaks volumes about your good taste. In addition, solid wood construction and artisan craftsmanship, including mitered drawer and door fronts, assure long-lasting quality. As well as, the Belmont Hardwood Bookcase adds plenty of storage. It is shown

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Honeymaze Medium Wood Bookcase

Presenting an edgy, nontraditional bookcase. One that’s sure to dress up your living room, den or hallway. And, with its solid hardwood custom construction, the Honeymaze Medium Wood Bookcase is incredibly durable. In creating the Honeymaze Medium Wood Bookcase, our Amish cabinetmakers pulled out all the stops regarding edgy design. This results in a bookcase

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Honeymaze XL Wood Bookcase

Looking for a bookcase with an artsy, nontraditional appeal? Yet, you want a sturdy, well-built piece of furniture? Then, the Honeymaze XL Wood Bookcase is your perfect choice. So imagine this elegant bookcase in your trendy living room or den. All decked out with your precious books and figurines! Okay. So the builders created the

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Midway Mission Display Bookcase

Presenting a high-end bookcase with the added attractiveness of mullion glass doors and the strength and durability of solid hardwood custom construction. Welcome to the Midway Mission Display Bookcase. Notice the seedy glass doors and decorative corbels. Plus the black Mission pull hardware and the graceful arch down below. Also, check out the rich, genuine

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Baylee Bookcase

With its three adjustable shelves up top plus a storage box at the bottom, the Baylee Bookcase is ideal for a child’s room. Or a grownup’s room where there’s a need to keep books, papers or documents out of sight. Yet, the Mission-style bookcase has a handsome profile. Notice the elegant crown molding plus the

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Modesto Wood Bookcase

With a storage box at its base, the Modesto Wood Bookcase is ideally suited for a kids’ (of any size) room. This bookcase is Modesto. So, you’ll love its curved profile, visible tenons and stately Mission look. The three shelves are adjustable, giving you freedom in arranging books, toys or figurines. Amish cabinetmakers – the

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Bookshelf Stand

Eye-catching design, user-friendly features and a smaller size make the Bookshelf Stand the ideal choice for your living room, den, home office or bedroom. Because it’s the perfect bookcase to store the current books and magazines on your reading list. The angled book shelf, plus the flat shelf at the bottom provide lots of room

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Elliot Hardwood Bookcase

With its decorative corbels and slats, the Elliot Hardwood Bookcase has an attractive presence. Making it a superb choice for your home. The shelves are adjustable. This frees you up to organize your books or keepsakes according to height. In addition, we offer the Elliot Hardwood Bookcase in heights of 3, 4, 5 and 6

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Craftsman Hardwood Bookcase

The Craftsman Hardwood Bookcase combines an embellished Mission design with solid hardwood Amish construction. The result? An incredibly sturdy and great-looking bookcase for your home. The wood corbels and slats catch the eye. As does the solid hardwood construction. (We never use bargain materials like particle board.) Adjustable shelves enable you to organize your books

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Granny Mission Tall Bookcase

The Granny Mission Tall Bookcase has a classic, mission design. The bookcase has a set of adjustable wood shelves. Since our Amish artisans only create furniture using solid hardwoods, it will last for generations. Customize the Granny Mission Tall Bookcase Since our furniture is created when you place your order, its always a perfect fit.

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Springhill Bookcase

The Springhill Bookcase boasts plenty of storage space and a classic design. Subtle arches and exposed tenons give a unique twist to the traditional look. So, it’s a perfect addition to any room. With fully adjustable shelving the bookcase offers dynamic storage space, so it can accommodate all of your items. We also construct the

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Morgan Hardwood Bookcase

The Morgan Hardwood Bookcase features beautiful sliding glass doors. Available with amber or clear water glass inserts, the doors slide to reveal ample storage. Three adjustable shelves provide versatile storage space, so you have a truly dynamic piece of furniture. The bookcase also boasts two dovetailed drawers in the base. Finally, special accents like the

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Noble Mission Amish Bookcase

If you’re looking for a bookcase that sports a handsome, stately profile, adjustable shelving and heirloom-quality construction, you need to take a closer look at the Noble Mission Amish Bookcase. Notice the ornate crown molding, clean Mission look and arched base. This bookcase will make a great addition to your living room, office or kid’s

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Mesa Open Bookcases

The Mesa Open Bookcases offer beautifully carved, wood slat sides. Each bookcase features a stunning inlay at the top. The exposed tenons and slightly flared structure make these bookcases stand out among their peers. Several size options also make these a great choice for any home. So, you can select the dimensions and number of

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Jamestown Hardwood Bookcase

With its simple lines, elegant looks and solid hardwood construction, the Jamestown Hardwood Bookcase is a perfect fit for your upscale living room, office, hallway or family room. Check out the gracious curves of its unique angled corner posts. Also the recessed panel sides. The shelves are adjustable. This gives you flexibility in arranging and

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McCoy Amish Open Bookcase

The McCoy Amish Open Bookcase has fine craftsmanship accents. This bookcase features five adjustable shelves, so you have ample space for all of your books, décor, and other office accessories. The bookcase also boasts exquisite woodworking detail, like arched skirting and exposed tenons. The reverse bevel edge on the top adds another elegant touch, which

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McCoy Bookcase

The classic McCoy Bookcase has beautifully-crafted doors. We offer the bookcases with either amber or clear water glass, so they boast a truly unique look. You can also opt for full-length glass in each door for a really special look. These bookcases come standard with three glass shelves and plate grooves, so you can display

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Homestead Bookcase

With its understated elegance and sturdy, solid hardwood construction, the Homestead Bookcase is sure to enhance the visual appeal of your living room or in-home office. While proving to be a handy place to store and display your books and figurines. You can’t help but notice the recessed panel sides and the elegant crown and

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Landmark Bookcase Collection

The Landmark Bookcase Collection has a timeless Mission style. With a variety of sizes, you can find the bookcase that most perfectly suits your home. Shelves are fully adjustable, so you can make changes to accommodate your belongings. Wood slat sides and corbels on each top corner give the bookcase plenty of character. Our craftsmen

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Venice Tall Bookcase

This Venice Tall Bookcase has very clean lines and is elevated on tapered feet. It truly is a beautiful bookcase and goes quite nicely with our other Venice furniture pieces. So, be sure to search our furniture by Venice to see all that is available. This bookcase makes a subtle yet elegant statement, so it

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Rio Mission Bookcase

The Rio Mission Bookcase offers versatile storage in a compact package. Its petite size makes this bookshelf a perfect option for any room in the house. So, consider adding one or two of these bookcases to your office, living room or even playroom. Its shorter height makes it easily accessible to smaller children and if

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Kincade Bookcase

This Kincade Bookcase has a very simple yet stylish design with beautiful raised panel sides and expert Amish craftsmanship. Any room could use a bookcase so now all you have to decide is where you are going to put it in your home and if you only want one or multiple ones. The adjustable shelves

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Kincade Tall Bookcase

The Kincade Tall Bookcase features a rich finish with a raised panel design. It is a very traditional piece that you can customize with different finishes to give it a slightly modern look, too. You will love that our Amish artisans craft this entire bookcase out of solid wood. So, no more worrying about putting

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Rio Mission Tower

The Rio Mission Tower offers stand-alone shelving or extra storage when combined with a TV console. With adjustable shelves, this tower also provides versatile display options for family photos, treasures, or other decor items. Add two towers to the Rio Mission TV Stand to obtain the featured design you see here. This tower looks great

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Bungalow Tower

The Bungalow Tower offers additional shelving options for family photos and other decor. So, now you can display your treasures in style. Add two towers to the Bungalow TV Stand to obtain a gorgeous TV console set. You see the featured configuration here with Brown Maple and a Coffee Stain. However, you are welcome to

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