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The Creation of the ‘Weaver Fever’ Quilt Garden

Quilt Garden Tour

Weaver Fever Quilt Garden

Lush flower beds boasting brilliant blooms arrayed in eye-catching patterns are becoming a common sight in Northern Indiana. While the Amish may have a reputation as the “simple folk”.  Their new “Quilt Garden Tour” embodies the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Weaver Fever Quilt Garden
Weaver Fever Quilt Garden finished project

In 2013, 19 huge quilt gardens attracted thousands of visitors to the Indiana back roads. Long known for stellar furniture craftsmanship, delicious foods, and beautiful quilts.  The Amish quilt gardens are fast becoming a fan favorite. LeRoy Weaver, an owner of Weaver Furniture Sales, notes, “We are proud to participate in the annual Quilt Garden Tour with our ‘Weaver Fever’ Quilt Garden. As a result, we love the opportunity to show visitors the beauty of the Amish way of life and that we all can appreciate something beautiful.”

Visitors to the “Weaver Fever” Quilt Garden will have the chance to see Blackberry Vinca, Tequila Deep Rose Begonias and Fields of Light Blue Ageratum flowers from a sturdily-crafted viewing deck. Above all, an informational plaque gives information into the design’s history and the origin of the flowers. Also, be sure to check out Weaver’s selection of solid Amish furniture!

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